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DJ'S Offer Page of United States Used, Back of the Book

Scott Number
Scott Value
Your Price
R126 - Fine/Very Fine - Used 500.00 400.00
R434 - Very Fine - Used (perf cancel) 75.00 SOLD
RD207 - Very Fine - Used (cut cancel) 800.00 600.00
RD257 - Almost Very Fine - Used (staple holes) 190.00 125.00
RD283 - EXTRA FINE - Used (staple holes) 200.00 150.00

DJ'S Offer Page (United States Mint stamps (Scott 234 - 336)
DJ'S Offer Page (United States Mint stamps (Scott 338 - 402)
DJ'S Offer Page (United States Mint stamps (Scott 411 Line pair - 472)
DJ'S Offer Page (United States Mint Stamps (487 Line pair - 669-79)
DJ'S Offer Page (United States Mint stamps (United States Used, and Back of the Book)
DJ'S Offer Page (United States Booklets, Plate blocks, Confederate Stamps)

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