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DJ'S Offer Page of United States Stamps

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Scott Value
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343 - 36 - Used Copies 180.00 100.00
408 - 13 pairs, and 4 Strips of 3 - Used Copies 0.00 45.00
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Plate Number Coil lot - There are over 150 plate number coils of 5, a few imperforate pairs, a few PNC of 3 as well. Highlights include: 1891 - Plate number strip of 3 (number 6) - catalog value 525.00 2607 - Plate number strip of 5 (1111 - shiny gum) - - catalog value 125.00 2523c - Plate Number Strip of 5 (plate 7, Toledo Brown) - catalog value 135.00 1895a - Plate Number Strip of 3 (number 4) - catalog value 110.00 1,800.00 900.00

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